Beancurd Jelly - Vietnamese tofu dessert

'Tao pho' (sweet tofu pudding) is a very common and popular sweet dessert made from soy beans. Tofu pudding has the smooth, creamy texture of a light flan, but the taste of soy milk. The texture of silken tofu is very similar to custard, but without the calories. 


Soy Bean Custard with Ginger and Coconut syrup is one of familiar and stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. In order to cook this dish, you have to spend many steps. It is not complicated but requires high patience of the cook. Vietnamese usually uses this dessert because the nutritive of both things.

As you may know, soya padding is strongly useful for human body, it supply the iron, calcium, and magnesium. Moreover, tofu aid in prevention treatment of some diseases effectively when combined with some spices like gingers and some other food products.

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