Bravo! Duong’s Restaurants rated “excellent” by 3,421 travelers on Tripadvisor

Bravo! Duong's Restaurants rated "excellent" by 3,421 travelers on Tripadvisor
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Duong’s Restaurants is proud to announce that we have been rated “excellent” by 3,421 travelers. According to TripAdvisor, when you receive excellent reviews from travelers around the world can receive this prestigious award.

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Duong’s Restaurants is one of the Hanoi Restaurants Tripadvisor, gourmets not only can enjoy elegant and seductive menu created by Chef Duong, a talented chef who have many years of experience in the position of the executive chef in one of the worldwide five star restaurant in Hanoi and Ranked No. 4 in Top Chef Vietnam. To visit Duong’s Restaurants also to experience the cultural and attentive, thoughtful service of business philosophy “affirm the prestige and bring the subtle feeling for each customers’.

We would like to take this chance to send a big THANK YOU to all of the guests who have left a review for us on TripAdvisor over the past year. Your feedback is our motivation and inspiration to always go the extra miles to ensure memorable and joyful experience for every customer.

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