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The Hanoi Cooking Class typically refers to a culinary experience offered to tourists in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. Hanoi is known for its rich and diverse food culture, with a wide range of delicious dishes and street food to explore. Taking a cooking class in Hanoi allows tourists to learn how to prepare some of the city’s iconic Vietnamese dishes and gain insight into the local food culture.

Duong’s Cooking Class

Our Hanoi Cooking Class is held at Duong Restaurant which is located in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter. Just a short stroll (300m) from Hoan Kiem Lake and 1,5 kilometre from the Dong Xuan market which is Hanoi’s major fresh food market.

At Duong’s Restaurant, Duong’s Cooking Class is run by famous Top Chef Vietnam who one of Hanoi’s most creative and talented chefs. Chef Duong recently finished 3th in Top Chef Vietnam and has also been a regular on Iron Chef Vietnam.

When you participate in our Cooking Class, our chef will share with you many of his secrets as he takes you on a culinary journey, teaching you how the subtle blend of spices are the key element to creating the outstanding flavours that are found in some of the favorite dished of the Hanoian.

Hanoi cooking class
Hanoi cooking class

Take a cooking class

There are 7 menu options

Monday Hanoi traditional beef soup with rice noodle ( Phở Bò )
Green mango salad with squid & prawn (Nộm xoài hải sản)
Grilled pork with herbs & fresh vermicelli (Bún chả)
Tuesday Hanoi traditional chicken soup with rice noodle ( Phở Gà )
Hanoi deep fried spring rolls (Nem rán Hà Nội)
La vong’s style grilled fish (Chả cá lã vọng)
Wednesday Hanoi traditional beef soup with rice noodle ( Phở Bò)
Banana flower salad with chicken & seafood (Nộm hoa chuối với gà và hải sản)
Grilled pork with herbs & fresh vermicelli (Bún chả)
Thursday Hanoi traditional beef soup with rice noodle (Phở bò)
Fresh spring rolls with pork & prawn (Gỏi cuốn tôm, thịt)
Grilled pork with herbs & fresh vermicelli (Bún chả)
Friday Hanoi traditional chicken soup with rice noodle ( Phở Gà )
Fresh spring rolls with pork & prawn (Gỏi cuốn tôm, thịt)
Grilled Beef Slice in Bamboo (Bò nướng ống tre)
Saturday Hanoi style traditional soup with chicken & rice noodles (Phở gà)
Noodle rolling with beef and vegetable ( Phở cuốn bò )
La vong’s style grilled fish (Chả cá lã vọng)
Sunday Hanoi traditional beef soup with rice noodle ( Phở Bò )
Fresh spring rolls with pork & prawn (Gỏi cuốn tôm, thịt)
Grilled pork with herbs & fresh vermicelli (Bún chả)

Our guide will collect you from your hotel by taxi or motorbike to the class. Where you will then be take the Cyclo trip to the market.

You will meet the Chef and experience a day in his life as you wander through the fresh food market. You will also learn some tips and tricks to ensure that only the finest quality ingredients are selected. You will then select all the ingredients needed for your class.

Chef will then accompany you as you make your way back to Duong’s Restaurant. You will stop along the way and get to sample a selection of street foods.

During the lesson, Chef will teach you the secrets to creating decorations, to enhance the presentation of your dished, well as some of the basic skills needed to master the knife skills required to be a chef.

Duration: 4 hours

You can ​choose​ the​ ​morning class at 8.30 am – 12.30 pm or​ afternoon ​class ​at ​14.30 pm – 18.30 pm everyday.

Hanoi Cooking Class Cost (per person in USD):

1-10 people $55


Why should experience with us?

♥ Free pick-up

♥ Welcome drinks

♥ Cyclo tour

♥ Market tour

♥ All food tasting in market

♥ Fresh fruit carving

♥ Special tips from chef

♥ Special gift

♥ Recipe

♥ English speaking staff

What is a Cooking Class for Tourists?

What is a Cooking Class?
What is a Cooking Class?

A cooking class for tourists is a culinary activity designed specifically for travelers who want to immerse themselves in the local cuisine and culture of a destination they are visiting. These classes are typically offered by tour operators, cooking schools, hotels, restaurants, or local chefs in popular tourist areas. The primary objective of a cooking class for tourists is to provide participants with hands-on experience in preparing and cooking regional or traditional dishes.

What do tourists get when participating in a cooking class in Hanoi?

Learn Cooking and Decorating Skills

Learn Cooking and Decorating
Learn Cooking and Decorating

Cooking classes for tourists offer the perfect opportunity to learn new cooking and decorating skills. Participants can enhance their culinary techniques and add a personal touch to their dishes by learning from expert chefs or instructors who specialize in local cuisine. Whether it’s perfecting knife skills, mastering various cooking methods, or creating beautiful garnishes, these classes provide valuable knowledge that participants can take home with them.

Participants can learn a variety of cooking techniques that are specific to the region they are visiting. These techniques may include stir-frying, braising, grilling, baking, and more. By understanding these traditional methods, tourists can recreate authentic dishes from the comfort of their own homes.

In addition to cooking skills, cooking classes also offer the opportunity to learn decorating techniques. Participants can discover creative ways to present their dishes, such as intricate plating designs and decorative garnishes. These skills can be applied to elevate the visual appeal of their future home-cooked meals.

Discover Local Ingredients

Discover Local Ingredients
Discover Local Ingredients

Participating in a cooking class for tourists allows individuals to discover and learn about the local ingredients that are central to the cuisine of the destination. These classes often include visits to local markets or farms, where participants can explore and select fresh, seasonal produce, herbs, spices, and other culinary essentials. Learning about these ingredients provides valuable insights into the local culture and culinary traditions.

In Hanoi, tourists can expect to find an array of unique ingredients that are widely used in the city’s traditional dishes. These may include Vietnamese herbs like cilantro and mint, exotic fruits like dragon fruit and jackfruit, and staple ingredients like fish sauce and rice noodles. Learning about these local ingredients helps tourists understand the flavors and textures of authentic Hanoi cuisine.

Some cooking classes offer a farm-to-table experience, where participants can engage in activities such as picking vegetables from the farm or harvesting herbs. This hands-on experience allows tourists to appreciate the freshness and quality of the ingredients used in their dishes.

Explore Hanoi’s Old Quarter Culture

Old Quarter Culture
Old Quarter Culture

A cooking class in Hanoi provides an opportunity to delve into the rich culture and history of the city’s Old Quarter. As participants venture through the narrow streets, they can witness the hustle and bustle of local life, exploring iconic landmarks, centuries-old buildings, and vibrant markets. These cultural insights help create a deeper connection between tourists and the city they are visiting.

Hanoi’s Old Quarter is steeped in history, with its origins dating back over a thousand years. The area showcases beautiful architecture, ancient temples, and historical sites that reflect the city’s past. By exploring this vibrant district, tourists can gain a deeper understanding of Hanoi’s cultural heritage and its influence on the local cuisine.

Hanoi Old Quarter is renowned for its culinary traditions, and a cooking class offers a glimpse into the city’s gastronomic heritage. Participants can learn about the traditional cooking techniques, secret recipes passed down through generations, and the cultural significance of certain ingredients or dishes. This knowledge allows tourists to appreciate the depth and complexity of Hanoi’s cuisine.

Taste Hanoi Street Food

Hanoi Street Food
Hanoi Street Food

One of the highlights of a cooking class in Hanoi is the opportunity to taste authentic street food. Street food is an integral part of the city’s culinary scene, and many cooking classes include a street food tour or a visit to a local food market. This allows participants to savor the flavors of popular street snacks and gain a firsthand experience of Hanoi’s street food culture.

Hanoi is known for its diverse range of street food offerings, each with its own unique flavors. Participants of cooking classes can sample popular street food dishes such as pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), banh mi (Vietnamese baguette sandwich), bun cha (grilled pork with rice noodles), and egg coffee. These experiences offer a culinary adventure that immerses tourists in the local food culture.

Some cooking classes include a guided street food tour, where participants can explore the bustling food stalls, sample a variety of dishes, and learn about the significance of street food in Vietnamese cuisine. This interactive experience provides an authentic taste of Hanoi’s street food scene.

Enjoy the Food You Prepare

Enjoy the Food You Prepare
Enjoy the Food You Prepare

Cooking classes for tourists allow participants to enjoy the fruits of their labor by indulging in the dishes they have prepared themselves. After following the instructions of the chef or instructor and putting their newfound skills to the test, participants can savor their creations and experience the satisfaction of enjoying a delicious meal.

The sense of achievement gained from successfully preparing a dish is unparalleled. Cooking classes provide tourists with an opportunity to experience this culinary satisfaction firsthand. By following step-by-step instructions, participants can witness their culinary creations come to life and take pride in their cooking achievements.

Cooking classes encourage participants to unleash their culinary creativity. While following the traditional recipes, individuals can add their own personal flair and experiment with flavors to create unique variations of the dishes. This creative freedom enhances the overall cooking experience and allows participants to express their individuality through food.

Socialize and Connect with Other Travelers and Locals

Socialize and Connect
Socialize and Connect

Cooking classes offer a unique social setting where tourists can interact with fellow travelers and locals who share a passion for food and cultural exchange. The communal atmosphere fosters connections and friendships, creating a memorable experience that goes beyond just learning to cook.

Cooking classes provide a platform for cultural exchange between participants from different backgrounds. As individuals share their own culinary traditions, stories, and experiences, they gain a deeper understanding of the diverse cultures represented in the class. This cultural exchange fosters a sense of global interconnectedness and promotes mutual appreciation.

Tourists can expand their social networks by participating in cooking classes. These classes often attract individuals from various parts of the world, offering opportunities to connect with like-minded people and forge friendships that can last beyond the duration of the class. Building these connections enhances the overall travel experience and may even lead to future culinary adventures together.

Gain Memorable Memories Through a Cooking Class

Gain Memorable Memories
Gain Memorable Memories

Participating in a cooking class as a tourist creates lasting memories that go beyond the culinary aspect. It offers a unique and immersive experience that allows individuals to engage with the local culture, learn new skills, and form meaningful connections. These memories become cherished souvenirs of their travel experience.

Cooking classes provide tourists with unforgettable experiences that are deeply intertwined with the local culture. Whether it’s the joy of mastering a new cooking technique, the thrill of discovering exotic ingredients, or the laughter shared during a cooking session, these experiences become cherished memories that evoke the essence of the destination long after the trip is over.

Participating in a cooking class contributes to the growing trend of culinary tourism in Hanoi. As tourists seek authentic and immersive experiences, cooking classes provide a unique opportunity to engage with the local cuisine and culture on a deeper level. This culinary exploration adds depth and richness to the overall travel experience, making Hanoi a preferred destination for food enthusiasts around the world.

By participating in a cooking class for tourists, individuals can embark on a culinary journey that goes beyond simply tasting the local cuisine. They can learn valuable cooking skills, explore the cultural significance of local ingredients, and create lasting memories through hands-on experiences. Whether it’s in Hanoi or any other destination, a cooking class offers a blend of education, culture, and gastronomy, making it a must-do activity for food-loving travelers.

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