Best food in Hanoi Old Quarter you should try

Hanoi capital has been famous for many specialties for a long time. Hanoi people are famous for their elegance, gourmet, stylish and taste. The delicacies here have come into the folk song, living in the consciousness, affection of each person. In Hanoi Old Quarter, there are many streets named local food or products, such as …


Ô Mai – Nosh of Hanoian & Vietnamese

Ô mai Vietnamese – Ô mai is a snack made from fruits combined with sugar, salt and some other ingredients. Hanoian have special recipe handed down, so Ô mai is considered a specialty of Hanoi. Ô Mai has a sour, salty, spicy and natural sweetness, which is enjoyed by many Vietnamese people, especially women. Hanoi …

Hanoi Walking Street things you need to know

Hanoi Walking Street was born to help travellers and locals have a relaxing space after a stressful working week. Simultaneously, promote Vietnamese culture to international friends. Here’s what you need to know about Hanoi walking street. Schedule of Hanoi Walking Street Weekly from 19h Friday to 24h Sunday and Tet holidays, major holidays Hanoi Walking …

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